Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012 logo

Welcome to Global Entrepreneurship Week..

And welcome to the world’s greatest enterprise campaign! This week (12th-18th November 2012) 10 million people from across the globe will be involved in Global Entrepreneurship Week and its focus for this year, quality support for entrepreneurs.

Prime Minister David Cameron recently pledged his support to the campaign saying:

“Global Entrepreneurship Week is about growing enterprise ambition and ensuring that those with ideas know where to get the support they need to make them a reality. It’s about creating jobs and opportunities: small business in the UK employs nearly 60 per cent of the workforce and contributes almost half of UK turnover.”

According to the GEW website, whilst more than half of the population would like to start their own business, less than five per cent actually do. So if you are just starting out – congratulations! You are doing what many people only dream of.

However running and growing a business is challenging which is why it’s important that you have support every step of the way – and why North Somerset Enterprise Agency exists. Research continually shows that businesses who seek advice stand the greatest chance of business survival – and our own statistics bear this out with a very high success record of businesses we have helped.

This week we are running a series of events to coincide with GEW, from High Growth business programmes to free advice slots, business networking events and visits from successful local entrepreneurs.

There are plenty of businesses here in North Somerset to be inspired by – and many of our local entrepreneurs, who have built their businesses and reputation locally, regionally, nationally or internationally are generously sharing their stories with us – from growing pains to lessons learned and best advice – and you will be able to read these on our website over the coming weeks and months.

We hope that you will come and visit us this week and find out how we can help your business – whether you’re at the early stages of planning your business or looking to grow your enterprise. Our door is open and our local, knowledgeable and experienced team will be pleased to help your business.

And who knows, perhaps a few years from now, yours will be the business success story we’ll be publishing!

With best wishes,

Angela Hicks
Chief Executive
North Somerset Enterprise Agency