The Right Time for Social Enterprise

Despite the current economic climate, there has never been a better time for social enterprise start-ups in Weston-super-Mare and North Somerset, according to NSEA’s business advisor Abdullah Ali-ahmadi.

With many services falling by the wayside, community groups and individuals who are able to step in and fulfil a need are in demand, Abdullah says, and in many cases, should be able to access funding.

Services ranging from gardening to domestic help, IT to training, woodwork to art and craft activities, childcare to elderly care and alternative therapies to recycling services all offer prime opportunities for those wishing to help themselves and others.

Social enterprises are defined as businesses who consider social, economic, educational or environmental impact as their main Picture of Abdullah Ali-ahmadiobjectives and whose surpluses are usually reinvested in the business or community rather than providing profit for the owners or shareholders.  They can also provide a wage to those running them.

Abdullah, has helped more than 100 social enterprises to start-up and develop is now North Somerset Enterprise Agency’s dedicated social enterprise advisor, he is keen to encourage anyone with even the most fledgling idea to come forward and explore the possibilities.

“For those who want to offer a service to the community, becoming a social enterprise is an ideal way to formalise their business and give it the transparency and credibility to deal with public sector bodies.” Abdullah explains.  “It allows individuals or groups to form a business without individual liability and in many cases funding can be found to support its start-up.

“All that is needed is for the individuals or groups to have a clear idea of how they want to help a community or contribute to society – we can help with everything that follows.”

We can support social enterprises with set-up, creating a team, the development of the organisation including; administration, management, operations and book-keeping, business plans, compliance with legal issues and individual and group responsibilities, the formalising of the business structure and help to search for potential funding. Support is provided for as long as it is needed and businesses can be visited at their own premises or can visit our offices at The Hive.

Abdullah asks potential social entrepreneurs to contact us for an informal chat about their ideas.

“We can help explore options in a friendly open way, with total confidentiality.” he explains.

“Anyone with strong social values or a passion for making a difference can change communities for the better. Those who can see a gap in service provisions that they could fill or who are committed to helping a particular group or community now have a great opportunity to fulfil their business dream.” Abdullah concludes.

For more information about social enterprise support or to book an appointment contact us on 01934 418118 or email:

External link to: Social Enterprise UK