Parkman George

Parkman George takes pet furniture to another level. Hand crafted, British made beds are created to order, giving homeowners the opportunity to tailor the bed to match their home and with 4 different models, in 3 different sizes with colour and mattress fabrics of your choice, there’s a large combination of options available. 

Each bed, a luxury piece of pet furniture, sits off the floor with higher sides to protect your pet from any draughts and because they’re slightly elevated it means that it’s easy for dogs of all ages and sizes to get in and out of. Parkman George have negotiated a fantastic working partnership with Ivy & Duke, a leading manufacturer of desirable mattresses, blankets and pillows to complete the feeling of luxury.

To get to the point of trading, Jessica and Sarah the founders of Parkman George have invested over three years of research, developing protypes, testing products and obtaining business advice and support from North Somerset Enterprise Agency, they now have a product that they are very proud of.

They both admit that “it was hard work and a long slog at times, but it’s been worth it.”  “Our family and friends have been integral in the start-up process – swearing them to secrecy and asking for their feedback to help mould our business concept”. 

They also felt that “learning new things” has been the most enjoyable part of their journey – the sense of achievement when their vision became a reality and the fact that they’ve been working on it for the last three years without too many people knowing about it, made it even more exciting to launch. 

Asking Jessica what advice she would give to others who are considering starting their own business – she said, “be flexible – sometimes when you think you have everything locked down someone throws you a curve ball and you need to adapt – you have to keep digging deep to find a solution but in hindsight we have produced a much better product because of those curve balls!”

“Always acknowledge the time people give you by saying ‘thank you’ and don’t forget businesses are built on relationships – people buy into people so avoid emails and actually talk to them.  And finally, remember you are the person driving your business, so you’ll only get out of it what you put into it.”

Parkman George they now have a product, a brand, and an ethos they are proud of. Their journey to building their business is founded on their belief in building long-lasting relationships with both suppliers and customers and their furniture is going to be gracing the rooms of many family homes in the future.