Myers Briggs personality grid

Networking and my Business

The first in a series of guest posts by ‘The Secret Mentor’, with the aim of helping with networking skills.

I don’t think you’ll find too many people who would disagree with this statement: “One of the most important things in business, perhaps the most important thing, is relationships”. That is; relationships with customers and relationships with people who can help your business – “networking”.

Now, I don’t know about you, but networking is on my list of things I least like to do – principally because it takes time, effort and truth be told, I’m pretty anti-social! But as a business owner, I also know that networking is going to help me get to where I need to be. So what to do?

Well, some years ago I was introduced to a personality type indicator based on the work of Myers and Briggs amongst others. This indicator essentially says there are four different personality types: Analyser, Controller, Promoter and Supporter. People will generally exhibit parts of all four traits, but tend to ‘revert to type’ under stress or pressure.

personality grid

Once I took this on board and understood the type of personality I was dealing with, I was able to ‘hopscotch’ around the four types and jump out of my natural style and mirror theirs; both in body language and vocally in terms of words used and pace of conversation. This I found to be a great help to me and certainly helped my networking skills, which like any other skill has to be worked at – even if you’re a promoter!

Over the course of the next four posts I’ll deal with each personality type (and how to interact with them successfully) in more detail.

Once you recognise the types it should not only help with your networking skills but also help manage any people in your business. Have a bit of fun along the way and see which you most closely identify with and then move on to people you know!