Image of a solo parachutist signifying controlled freedom

Networking and my Business – The Controller

This is the third in a series of posts by ‘The Secret Mentor’.

We’ve already had a brief overview of the four personality types and dealt with the Analyser in a bit more detail, now it’s the turn of the Controller. If you own or run a business there are times when you are definitely going to have to don the Controller hat, whether it’s your natural style or not.

How do you spot the Controller then?

The main personality traits of the Controller are:


  • Competitive
  • Decisive
  • Impatient
  • Leader



  • Persuasive
  • Positive
  • Productive
  • Short-tempered


In a networking environment you need to give this person options not opinions. Let them know exactly what you can do for them and how that fits in to the overall picture. They are very much goal orientated so you need to be very specific about what your objective is.

When you’re managing a Controller clearly define the objective and give them the freedom to achieve it their own way. Remind them to think of others in the team.

To sum the Controller up, they want you to get right to the point – yesterday!

Next in this short series I’m going to cover ‘The Promoter’,  before the finally highlighting ‘The Supporter‘. You can find out about ‘The Analyser’ here.

Image of a solo parachutist signifying controlled freedom