Black and white image of a spectrum analyser

Networking and my Business – The Analyser

This is the second in a series of guest posts by ‘The Secret Mentor’ – a self confessed Analyser.

So first things first, how do you identify the Analyser?

Well, the Analyser likes systems and structure and in general terms you could sum up the personality traits as follows;


  • Critical (of standards)
  • Detailed
  • Faithful
  • Can come across as a loner
  • Loyal



  • Works in an orderly manner
  • A perfectionist
  • Extremely persistent
  • Methodical
  • Tenacious


When networking and selling an idea to an Analyser ensure that it is backed up with plenty of information and data. Present your information logically and most importantly, avoid any hype as this will be a complete turn off. Don’t expect a decision on the spot because they won’t have had time to do any research.

If you’re managing an Analyser give them a clear framework to work within, remember they work methodically because everything has to be perfect, so allow for that in timescales. They are motivated by clearly defined tasks, stability, security and tasks that require precision and planning.

To sum up – give them the facts and leave them alone!

That’s ‘The Analyser’ summarised then, which leaves:

Black and white image of a spectrum analyser
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