Nature’s Soulful Treatments

Sabine Gohri started Nature’s Soulful Treatment in November 2019 after a period in her life where she had struggled in an abusive relationship. Using alternative therapies allowed Sabine to get her life back on track and she wanted to use the experience to help others. She trained as a holistic therapist and healer and her journey has now begun!

Once Sabine had decided to start her own business, she embarked on identifying where she could get business support. After being referred to us by the Job Centre, she attended a ‘Link Up, Start Up’ course and was then referred to join the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme (NEA). Following an initial assessment meeting with one of our business mentors she attended the 3-day ‘Starting in Business’ course. Together with her business mentor she prepared her business plan and financial forecast, which once signed off, allowed her to benefit from a weekly allowance to financially support her in the first six months of her business journey.

Nature’s Soulful Treatment soon became a reality with Sabine offering clients individually tailored holistic therapy. Sabine says, “[I’m] always learning new techniques and therapies and I continue to train in Reiki, Homeopathy and reflexology to offer alongside aromatherapy, herbal and crystal healing.

“The products I use are as they say, ‘all natural’ – they help to heal the body and soul and the techniques I use are based on practices originally used thousands of years ago.”

Like all new businesses, building a clientele is key to its success. Sabine is working to build her business delivering complementary therapies across Weston-super-Mare she promotes her services locally, by attending networking groups to talk about her business, newspaper adverts and word of mouth. She currently rents room space when she needs it but once she has a regular clientele she has ambitions to have her own practice rooms.

When asked what she enjoyed most about having her own business, Sabine said, “I am able to do what I most enjoy, which is helping people. I choose what hours I want to work and my clients value the service I offer them, I feel that what I’m doing will help them deal with aspects of their lives in a better way”.

Twitter: @NatureSoulful