Is it Essential to be an Entrepreneur?

A post by Angela Hicks, Chief Executive, North Somerset Enterprise Agency:

Entrepreneurs, it seems are always in the news. From television programmes such as “The Apprentice” and “Dragons’  Den” to the Global Entrepreneurship Week (running from the 12th-18th November 2012) which showcases and celebrates entrepreneurial talent. There seems to be general agreement that those with a business dream should be encouraged to turn their ambition into reality.

So what makes someone an entrepreneur and do you need to be one to run a business?  Well, entrepreneurs are generally accepted to be people with business ideas who are willing to take risks to achieve their desired outcome.

We work daily with people making life-changing decisions about whether to start their own enterprise and are often asked: “Am I the right person to run a business and if so, is now a good time?”

Let’s answer the last part of the question first: Certainly at the moment, being able to launch that innovative and exciting new product or service, is more difficult in the current economic climate and accessing finance, finding investors, identifying new markets etc. whilst more challenging, it is not impossible.

To answer the first part of the question: “Am I the right person?” Frequently we are seeing businesses launched by people who don’t consider themselves the slightest bit entrepreneurial but set out armed with their existing skills and a little business know-how, with the primary aim to earn enough money to pay the bills rather than having expectations of high growth. Get the basics right first and the growth will come!

Most importantly, here at NSEA, we feel that no person or business idea should be under-estimated; the opportunity for success and growth is most definitely there and if grasped, will in time, contribute to the country’s economic prosperity too.

We find the one thing all businesses that we help have in common is this: they will be more likely to survive with advice, guidance and support.

So no, I don’t think you have to be an entrepreneur to run a business.  But with the right advice, support, mentoring and training, those entrepreneurial abilities will emerge and be the driving force behind your future success!