Incentive and Reward

It can get nerve wracking at times running your business, can’t it?  There is always something occupying your mind.

Those thoughts on how best to motivate, incentivise and reward the people in your business over and above pure monetary matters.

Do your employees feel completely involved in the business?
Is there a culture in your business that allows collaboration and ideas to blossom and bare fruit?
We can leave it for others to decide on whether we get the level of reward correct and foster the right culture, but the video below certainly has an interesting take on it!

How well you motivate the people within your business is obviously vital to it’s long term success. But when your head is down focussing on what you do best, it can sometimes be easy to lose sight of that fact.

So please, view the video (it’s about 11 minutes) and draw your own conclusions. It certainly has some points to ponder!


Thank you to for making the video available to share.