Fight Club Health

Supporting the mind and body…

In 2010 Vaughan Pietersen began his training on a five-year degree course in therapeutic studies with a view to becoming a psychotherapist. As he had always been involved in combat sports and exercise Vaughan was well aware of the positive association between mental health, nutrition and physical activity.

While working in placement, delivering traditional talking therapy to young men from areas of multiple deprivation, Vaughan began advocating for therapists and their services to work more holistically with their clients in support of the mind-body connection. This led to the creation of a therapeutic boxing programme where Vaughan gained valuable experience and further evidence that combining a holistic counselling service together with exercise could positively support people dealing with symptoms of trauma and challenging life experiences. 

For a period of time, Vaughan continued to deliver traditional counselling and therapeutic boxing in separate settings, to a wide range of clients presenting with symptoms of PTSD, personality and attachment disorders, supporting them in their recovery and growth. It was this work, along with Vaughan’s fundamental belief that the mind and body are connected, that prompted him to take a leap of faith and set up his own holistic mind-body therapy centre. 

Fight Club Health was created following several meetings and business support from Liz Gjoni at North Somerset Enterprise Agency (NSEA). Liz and Vaughan worked closely preparing a financial forecast and business proposal which he took to the bank, successfully securing a start-up loan that allowed him to look for premises. They say fate works in odd ways and following some discussions with friends and colleagues about his plans, Vaughan was told about some space on The Boulevard in Weston-super-Mare which could support the business that he was looking to set up. 

Following a visit to view the premises and considering ways in which it could be adapted, Vaughan started working on getting it ready.  With more business support from NSEA, Vaughan started trading on 2 January 2019 and is now supported by a team of freelance specialists, comprising of multiple Counsellors, a NutriGenetic Specialist, Personal Trainer and a Yoga Teacher.  Their approach to healing the mind and body in a holistic way is proving to be successful, with clients booking in for yoga classes, exercise and movement therapy sessions, along with traditional counselling services, and DNA profiling and food intolerance testing to identify any nutritional imbalances.

Vaughan now has a business which he is passionate about. With a team of professionals delivering an integrative approach to achieving optimum wellbeing, Vaughan is able to focus on developing his brand, service offerings and running his organisation. 

When asked what advice he would give to other people looking to set up their own business, he says “adaptability is key – there will always be resistance and opposition, don’t give up, adapt and move around the obstacle in a different way to achieve your desired outcome”.

Fight Club Health advocates the need to look at both the mind and body together, so if your emotions are affecting the way you feel physically, or you’ve noticed how your body reacts to your emotions, then Fight Club Health may be able to help you.

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