Marketing Workshops

22/03/2019 @ 10:00 – 11:30
The Hive
6 Beaufighter Rd, Weston-super-Mare BS24 8EE
Hazel Wintle
01934 418118
Marketing Workshops @ England | United Kingdom

We are running a series of workshops to help business owners/managers to better understand the world of marketing. The workshops cover both digital and traditional marketing strategies and are approximately one hour long followed by half an hour of discussion and Q&A’s. Please see below the content scheduled for each workshop.

You are welcome to attend all sessions or just the ones that interest you the most. Book on Eventbrite or contact Hazel Wintle by emailing Each session is free of charge but limited to 12 people so booking early is highly recommended.

22nd March

Why combine Digital and Traditional Marketing for best results?

The combination of online and traditional methods of marketing can yield better results for businesses and help avoid being unseen by potential clients/customers.  What is Traditional Marketing? and What is Digital Marketing?  Why and how to combine both methods to generate good results for your business.

26th April

Branding and Image Building

Branding and image building is a vital component of business. Consistent branding helps build trust in customers, and helps your brand become instantly recognisable.

24th May

Building your perfect customer

Are you advertising to the wrong person?  Focussing on the right customer for your business will help you better streamline your marketing activities. Who is your ideal customer? How much do you know about them?  Just some of the questions that will be answered on this course. Book on Eventbrite here:

21st June

Web design and web pages

Can your customers find you?  Is a website essential to your business?  Are you aware that 70% of consumers give a company credibility based upon their website.  This course will cover the website rules of engagement, template based building software, mobile friendly websites, calls to action and the power of the blog page. Book on Eventbrite here:

19th July

PR: Posts, Blogs and the importance of strong content

How can businesses utilise the power of PR and ensure they stay current in the media without a budget?  PR versus advertising, how to get featured in magazines and papers, ways to write an editorial and the power of language. Book on Eventbrite here:

23rd August            

The power of video

With around 8 billion daily views on Facebook alone, video is a vital tool for marketing in 2019.  This course will look at the importance of online video, the basics – audio, lighting and background, applications to use to progress, video and your brand. Book on Eventbrite here:

20th September

Paid advertising

Pay per click (PPC) is a form of online advertising where you only pay for advertising each time someone clicks your online advert.  Attendees will five ways your business will benefit from PPC advertising and how to set up PPC campaigns. Book on Eventbrite here :

18th October

Online Shops and E-commerce

Is E-commerce right for your business? Attendees will explore the advantages of e-commerce and understand how to set up an e-commerce store efficiently. Book on Eventbrite here:

15th November

Market Research and Analytics

Effective market analysis can help in getting valuable insights into your customer behaviours, market trends, better understanding of your competitors, ongoing market trends, demographics and the traits of customers. Book on Eventbrite here:

13th December

Marketing subject TBC