Drinks Kitchen


A mantra that friends and business owners Alli Briaris and Neil Merrick decided to use when setting up Drinks Kitchen, their own hand-crafted, non-alcoholic aperitif business.

“It seems the perfect strapline for our business. We are both really positive people who want to make the most of life and waking up with a clear head helps enable us to keep it that way”.

Alli Briaris

With over 35 years expertise in developing new drinks for other businesses, they thought it was time to do it for themselves.  Although they are experienced in innovation, they had to learn new business skills like managing the accounting, procurement & legal aspects of their own business. Attending North Somerset Enterprise Agency’s ‘Starting in Business’ course gave Alli and Neil the foundations to set up and run a business and with the help of Liz Gjoni, one of NSEA’s business advisers, they developed their business plan.

“The learning curve was MASSIVE but the support offered by the NSEA has been really fantastic”.

Neil Merrick

With a range of crafted recipes full of flavour, Alli and Neil have developed three initial drinks recipes that are vegan and gluten free.  Spiced Rhubarb, Herb Verde and Orange Cinchona all have distinctive adult flavours and are available now.  They are also developing limited edition recipes which will be seasonal with their first limited edition available in January 2022.  Their Aperitif will be sold in ceramic 70cl bottles and are perfect to blend with water, tonic or soda providing 28 200ml servings.

Alli & Neil are selling their range on-line and have already gained some local customers in hospitality and retail such as Weston Golf Club and Winscombe Wine Shop.  They will also be at lots of local food shows and markets so if you see them, pop and say hello!

To read more about Alli & Neil’s new venture, visit drinkskitchen.online.