Networking and my Business – The Promoter

Having already covered the Analyser and Controller personality types, the Promoter is the fourth in a series of guest posts by ‘The Secret Mentor’.

I have to admit the Promoter aspect is the one that I have had to really work at. But it is a crucial skill, and it is a skill, especially for successful networking. After all, if you’re not networking to promote yourself and your business, what are you there for?

You probably won’t have much trouble identifying the Promoter of the group, but just in case you do, here are their main traits:


  • They are usually animated
  • Can be convincing
  • More forgetful than average



  • Have a tendency to show-off
  • Definitely spontaneous
  • Unorganised


The Promoters just go with the flow, but can also be very unrealistic, reactive, impulsive, and in most cases, unorganised. Within a networking group you’ll need to remember that what motivates them is trying to sell their ideas. You will need to get your points across quickly before they lose interest. Don’t bore them with all the facts and details, particularly difficult if you are an Analyser!

When managing a Promoter the most important thing is showing positive emotion, and remember they’re motivated by recognition from others. Whatever it is they are doing, it must be fun or they will stop doing it. You need ensure that a strategy is in place to help them follow through and deliver the end result.

Promoters are the true socialisers, when they ‘pop-up’ ensure they stay focussed before they flutter by!

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